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25 Fast Facts About RE/MAX and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Since 1992, RE/MAX Affiliates have raised more than $157 million for the 170 Children’s Miracle Network member hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada. To celebrate 25 years of miracles, here are 25 things to know about CMN, the patients it serves and how easy it is to become a Miracle Agent.

25 Fast Facts About RE/MAX and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

  1. 2017 is the relationship’s 25th anniversary.
  2. This make RE/MAX one of the CMN’s top donors.
  3. One in 10 kids treated at CMN Hospital each year (U.S./Canada).
  4. All agent donations support their local hospital.
  5. Current RE/MAX Miracle Agents: 4,045+
  6. Becoming a Miracle Agent takes under 90 seconds.
  7. Miracle Agent donations can be automatically deducted from commission checks.
  8. Honor Cards represent a donation made in a a client’s name.
  9.  47,000+ honor cards were sent last year. 
  10.  August is the sixth annual RE/MAX Month of Miracles.
  11.  Nearly 10,000 Miracle Homes (and counting) are listed on
  12. CMN Hospitals will provide $3.4 Billion in charity care this year.
  13. One chemotherapy treatment can cost upwards of $7,000.
  14. A lifesaving helicopter ride cost between $1-2 million. 
  15. in 2016, the three states who raised the most total funds were CA,TX and FL. 
  16. Each hour, CMN Hospitals treat 39 newborns in the NICU.
  17. One giraffe bed neonatal care unite cost $48,000.
  18. CMN member hospitals treat 16,000 kids in the ER every day.
  19. A new ambulance cost $300,000.
  20. RE/MAX Crossroads in Ohio has raised over $1 Million for CMN
  21. Miracle Agents at RE/MAX Gold in California raised $20, 000 in just 7 months.
  22. RE/MAX representatives can attend the annual CMN conference.
  23. Donations helped make Zion’s bilateral hand transplant possible.
  24. You’re truly putting your money where the miracles are!
  25. You have a Miracle Child in your state. Click to learn their story at

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